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Irrigation Valve Manifolds
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Before Subsurface Emitter Line IrrigationBefore Subsurface Emitter Line IrrigationGrid sizing Grid sizing.  Setting location.TrenchingSetting grid to sub-surfaceSetting grid in trenches.  Setting Flush Valve.Flush Valve assembly in Valve BoxValve assembly showing  Low Volume Valve, Filter and  Pressure RegulatorCompleted  (unexposed) system showing Flush Valve locationSystem completed.  Grass filled in nicely with even, green growth.System completed.  Grass filled in nicely with even, green growth.
Subsurface Emitter Line Irrigation

High efficiency  /  Long term cost savings

Lawn and Planter Strips  /  Lawn and Planter Mediums  /  Lawn and Planter Parkways  /  Raised Planters

Initial Cost: Comparable to or less than conventional spray and rotor systems;
Lower long term costs

When properly installed and maintained, compatible or more dependible than a conventional system
Starting with a clean slateExtensive irrigation:  2" Pressure Vacumn Breaker installed.  1-1/2" Globe Valves installed.  Irrigation wire ready for laying.  Not shown:  2" Water Meter and  Pressure Regulator.Grading completed.  Fence up.  Irrigation in.  Planting in progress.Landscape and Irrigation completed. Plants and trees filled in nicely.
Large Design/Install Project
Irrigation Installation
Irrigation in. Planting in progress
Job completed.  Plants and trees filling in nicely