Hi, my name is Michael Gausman.  I own MITG Landscape.  I’m a licensed landscape contractor providing landscaping and irrigation services in the South Bay area since 1980.  I operate my business with one simple objective:

Operate a Landscape Maintenance and Installation business with the degree of Professionalism that is needed to fulfill the primary expectations of the Client:


Through emphasizing quality rather than quantity my Clients will receive more value for their hard earned investment.
About Us:

> Calif. License Number:
C-27 545547
> Pest Control Operator:
QAC 107805
> CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor)
> CIC (Certified Irrigation Contractor)
>Member IA (Irrigation Association)
> Member CLCA (Calif. Landscape Contractor’s Assoc.)
> EPA WaterSense Partner
> Member PAPA (Pesticide Applicators Professional Association)
Residential Properties

Did you know that an appealing and well maintained landscape adds value to your property?  In fact, surveys of real estate appraisers reveal that landscaping increases the selling price of a property by more than seven percent and that a well maintained landscape holds its value when compared to other home improvements like new carpeting or kitchen remodeling.  By hiring MITG Landscape this potential can be a reality.
Commercial Properties

During these slow economic times businesses need to find ways to entice new customers and keep them coming back.  One way to do this is through a positive first impression.  As the landscape is the first thing one sees it’s important that it attracts the customer’s attention and promotes a positive image.  This is where we can help.

Numerous studies have shown a substantial increase in sales simply by providing an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.  Other proven effects of a viable landscape are lower crime rates and increased employee morale.  By hiring MITG Landscape you've taken the first step toward achieving this goal.

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